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‘Prince William: A Planet for Us All’ is an intimate and eye-opening documentary that takes us on an exclusive journey alongside His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (previously Duke of Cambridge at the time of filming), Prince William, as he endeavours to redefine his global status in service of environmental reform. In this two-year project, viewers are given unparalleled access to Prince William’s personal quest to understand how local action can serve as a catalyst for global change.


As a devoted father, Prince William’s love for nature has evolved into a fervent commitment to address the pressing issues of climate change and extinction. The urgency of protecting our planet has never been more palpable, and the documentary captures a pivotal moment not only in the Prince’s life but in the collective timeline of Earth’s well-being.

The film paints an intimate and charming portrait of Prince William, offering a unique glimpse into his life and concerns. With unprecedented on-the-shoulder access, the documentary delves into the Prince’s childhood haunts at Sandringham, where he shares his deep-seated worries about the environment. Through candid conversations and personal reflections, Prince William articulates the inspiration he draws from the legacies of his father and grandfather.

The heart of the documentary lies in Prince William’s determination to bridge the gap between impassioned youth advocating for change and the policymakers capable of implementing it, following a trend much like his father has. The Duke, firm in his belief that positive change is attainable, embarks on a journey to meet inspiring local heroes across Britain and the world which becomes a beacon of hope, demonstrating that impactful change is within our grasp, especially in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, which showcased the capabilities of governments in times of crisis.

Working closely with the directors, Prince William emerges not merely as a royal figure but as a passionate advocate for change. The film captures the essence of his journey, providing viewers with a compelling narrative that encourages a collective sense of responsibility.

About the score

I was asked to write the music by director Martin Williams of Talesmith who was working with Oxford Films at the time. The aim was to make the score more modern than traditional Royal documentaries to avoid the slightly pompous purely classical approach often used, a style that would not fit Prince William’s character. As such, you’ll hear a variety of soundscapes and synth work interweaved with live violins, cellos and acoustic instruments like guitar in a score that blends sound design with classical and modern into one.


  • Network: ITV
  • Director: Martin Williams
  • Producer: Oxford Films
  • Role: Composer



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