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Working with Moonraker VFX and Talesmith Ltd, I was commissioned to write the music for their beautiful film which accompanies an interactive ride displayed on a huge 180 degree screen in a 20m x 20m theatre. Mixed in 7.1, this immersive soundtrack takes you through and around traditional Hong Kong all the way into the modern day city, transitioning through time both sonically and emotionally.

The project, which can’t be named officially for the time being, involved recording a 59 piece orchestra with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in person with sound design by Theo Green who recently won an Oscar for his work on Dune. As well as being an inspiration and talented composer / sound designer, Theo has been my mentor for many years. I’ve known him since adolescence and he got me interested in film scoring from an early age.

Also a dream to work with was Tristan Noon who did some excellent orchestration and copying work meaning the session went smoothly while Ffion Elisa recorded some great vocals.


  • Producer: Moonraker VFX
  • Producer: Talesmith Ltd
  • Role: Cato Hoeben


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