Queen of Hearts is the remarkable untold story of Larissa Swirski, an extraordinary figure obscured by history. Hailing from Odessa in Ukraine, Larissa (1910-1977) was an aristocrat linked to the Romanov family who was fluent in six languages and played a pivotal role in the web of espionage that unfolded in Gibraltar during World War II, earning it the name Spy Row by MI5. Initially a spy for the Nazis, Larissa’s conscience compelled her to switch sides and become a counterintelligence agent for the Allies and was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s first Bond-girl in Casino Royale. Queen of Hearts tells of her husband’s military ties to General Francisco Franco’s brother and her covert missions in Gibraltar often accompanied by her daughter Liana. In this fascinating documentary, Liana (now 88 years old) ensures her mother’s place in history is rightly acknowledged by unveiling her mother’s daring exploits and fight for justice.