Cato Hoeben

Set in the haunting yet idyllic setting of Montana, They Don’t Leave is a captivating horror film by director Caz McGovern about a divorced alcoholic who finds solace within a secluded ancestral cabin, only to come face to face with ancestral demons that have tormented her family for generations. This beautifully shot film delves deep into the intricate web of emotions woven around themes of separation, abuse, and the daunting revelation of long-buried family secrets.

Rose: A Love Story is a haunting and atmospheric British horror / vampire film directed by Jennifer Sheridan that revolves around the lives of a reclusive couple, Sam and Rose. Both live deep in a remote forest and lead a self-sufficient and isolated life with Sam hunting for their food and Rose working on her art. Suffering from a mysterious illness that makes her lust after blood, Rose stays mainly in their cabin while Sam tries to protect her from the outside world. However, their tranquil existence is disrupted when a stranger stumbles upon their cabin who they take under their wing and begins to question their unusual setup.

El Camino Invisible is a documentary about the struggle for equality faced by rural women across the world with a focus on women in Andalusia, Spain.

Takaya is the Original Soundtrack (OST) for Takaya: Lone Wolf, a Canadian Screen Award-winning nature documentary about a lone wolf called Takaya who roamed British Columbia living off the land often by imitating other species around him. The film is a beautiful depiction of the relationship that develops between environmentalist and conservation photographer Cheryl Alexander and Takaya.

Gunborg: Dark Matters OST is an original video game score that fuses together 80’s synths, Synthwave and Electro into one. The music was scored specifically to suit Gunborg’s retro shoot-em-up style gameplay with strong melodies and driving beats and features a range of modern sound design together with drum kits like the classic LinnDrum used in the early 80’s and synthesisers like the Prophet, Jupiter 8 and CS-80 that were characteristic of that era. The result is a sound world that is retro yet has a modern feel.

Four is a murder mystery style thriller filmed in The Savoy, London, that features stars Tuppence Middleton (The Imitation Game), Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) and Nicholas Pinnock (Captain America: The First Avenger). Recorded up close with a quartet to give it an intimate feel, this quirky short film was put together for a Dewar’s Whiskey campaign that was published as four separate parts.

Queen of Hearts is the remarkable untold story of Larissa Swirski, an extraordinary figure obscured by history. Hailing from Odessa in Ukraine, Larissa (1910-1977) was an aristocrat linked to the Romanov family who was fluent in six languages and played a pivotal role in the web of espionage that unfolded in Gibraltar during World War II, earning it the name Spy Row by MI5. Initially a spy for the Nazis, Larissa’s conscience compelled her to switch sides and become a counterintelligence agent for the Allies and was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s first Bond-girl in Casino Royale. Queen of Hearts tells of her husband’s military ties to General Francisco Franco’s brother and her covert missions in Gibraltar often accompanied by her daughter Liana. In this fascinating documentary, Liana (now 88 years old) ensures her mother’s place in history is rightly acknowledged by unveiling her mother’s daring exploits and fight for justice.